ICT Service Order Management consists of Intellibuzz expert professionals placing on your behalf Move, Add, Change and Disconnect [MACD] orders with your ICT service provider. This is a single vendor management interface solution for the companies. We shall be your single vendor via whom you manage all your fixed, mobile, voice and data telecom contracts, vendors, account managers, shifting, disconnecting, new procurement, etc.

Process & Activity120px-Gnome-colors-alacarte2.svg

  •     Placing MACD orders with carriers/vendors
  •     Tracking Employee Allocation & De-allocations
  •     Order approval workflow management
  •     Order tracking
  •     Order escalation
  •     Order dispute resolution
  •     MIS Reporting & Analysis

Key Benefitsshopping-cart-remove

  • Provide full value from telecom contracts since Intellibuzz purchasing ensures compliance with contract terms
    •    Updates the inventory as per the changing technology to benefit enterprises telecom goal.
    •    To set up the approval chain for any procurement
    •    Turnkey solution for telecom infrastructure for new offices, branches or set ups

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