120px-Edit-copy_purple.svgAn enterprise processes thousands of communication, Software-as-a-Services, and other digital service invoices from various service providers a year of Information & Communication services like voice, data, video. This is a very tedious task across multiple location, vendor codes, various services: managing & controlling Digital & ICT spend becomes very intricate activity, especially with resources being scarce and ill-equipped for the job at hand.

These inefficient labor-intensive processes, limited visibility, lack of proper validation in charges, no accountability and higher costs to manage ICT leads to
•    Invoice processing inefficiencies
•    Delays in processing bills
•    Lost bills and manual search for billing information
•    Over-payment for billing errors and duplicate payments
•    Limited visibility into spending and no measures to compute performance
•    No automation for flagging vendor contract expiration
•    Ineffective performance analysis
•    Delays in budget planning
•    Lack of control over ICT expenses
•    Ineffective dispute management, escalation, and unresolved claims


Transition your manual & laborious invoice management activities to a systematic financial disciplined way – Free up your team’s valuable time from Processing paper and electronic billing media, validating invoice accuracy, performing cost allocations [mapping AP/GL codes, cost centres], securing payment approval and paying bills

Telecom Invoice Processing


  • Invoice receipt / receipt logging
  • Invoice data load into technology system
  • Invoice charge validation
  • Cost center / chargeback allocation
  • Invoice approval
  • Generating payment batch files
  • Invoice remittance / funds transfer
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Payment dispute resolution


  • Control & Manage invoice entry, reconciliation, payment
  • Review invoice for accuracy
  • Tracking invoice progress as they are process
  • Control on aforementioned discrepancies
  • Accurate Charge validation
  • Avoid duplicate charges, and late payments
  • Move your key personnel to more strategic activities
  • Free your limited resources from the manual tedious daily activities