120px-Correct.svgWhy Audit? Every year tens of thousands of dollars in unclaimed phone bill recoveries and overcharges go uncollected by unsuspecting businesses like yours. We provide ICT expense recovery and cost reduction through fixed and recurring tariff review and analysis. Intellibuzz identifies opportunities to recover costs through electronic invoice acquisition, validation and correction of ICT & Cloud billing errors. Research suggests that 10 ~ 18% of invoices can be erroneous [source: Abardeen]

It is a time consuming, manual and laborous process for companies to undertake a complete detailed inventory including audit and analysis of SaaS, Software licenses, telecom, local phone bills, long distance, cell phone, video services frame, internet, messaging and data circuit invoices. Our digital audit brings budget cost reduction to Corporate, ICT Providers, State and Government institutions. invoice processing and payment, invoice auditing for contract compliance, validation of an approved inventory, reconciliation of orders (Move, Adds, Changes and Disconnects – MACDs) to invoice charges, order provisioning and escalation, physical inventory validation, sourcing and negotiation of contracts against databases of industry best-in-class rates, help desk, and other services


120px-Edit-find-replace.svgWe conduct Digital audits to give you the report of ICT inventory necessary to capture items and services where refunds and recoveries don’t apply. Items overlooked, duplicate services, closed locations, and features not used are only a few of the items included in our report. With your first approval to Intellibuzz as your telecom bill consultant bill reductions and cost savings will begin. In most of the cases clients realize their savings before they pay us. We use our expertise to correct inaccurate invoices, identify over-payments and recover credits and refunds from service providers where mistakes and errors have occurred. Our Digital Audit (PAR) report is provided to outline each item applicable for recovery.Auditing primarily consists of Invoice-to-contract compliance, invoice-to-inventory compliance and dispute management activities.

Activities and Process

120px-Edit-find.svgThese identified refunds made to telecommunications service providers may have been the result of incorrect rates tariff violations, duplicate payments, pricing errors, erroneous payments (invoices paid to incorrect vendor), overlooked rebates or discounts, unclaimed recovery of refunds, overpayment of taxes, and other surcharges. There are many areas for potential savings within any fixed or wireless ICT expense management programs. Some partial list of areas we cover are as follows:

    • Invoice-to-contract compliance(service level detail)
    • Invoice-to-tariff compliance (service and USOC level detail for Global Customers)
    • Service-to-inventory validation
    • Physical service-to-DMARCv alidation
    • Service-to-employee/user validation
    • Equipment-to-employee/user validation
    • Dispute resolution with your ICT service providers

    We build a thorough Billing Collateral for each instance to file disputes with your ICT service providers on your behalf, and get you the credit in your account. Through our evolved ICT Expense Management (ICTEM) and Digital Management (DM) methodology, we pursue a systematic approach right from detection of discrepancy to obtaining the credits and recoveries.