Putting ICT Providers in Control

Global Delivery Services For ICT Infrastructure Management

Global ICT Service Providers’ Challenge

askOperational Efficiency improvement for ICT Management service providers is a necessity to increase end-client service quality and reliability, while reducing internal costs and increasing margins. In today’s competitive ICT market, small to mid-size ICT sevice providers are challenged to maintain costs while growing customer base. There is a constant pressure to manage costs to maintain margins. How well an organization achieves operational efficiency is an index to its profitability and sometimes the very survival. This is all the more pronounced for small and medium ICT providers. Operational expenses account for about 50 percent of total company costs and are heavily influenced by the cost of systems, people and processes. Hence, reducing operational costs and improving productivity has emerged as a top priority for ICT service providers today.


Intellibuzz Global Delivery Services Puts Information & Communications Technology Management Service Providers in Control viaNuvola_apps_kuser_rename

  • Low Cost Global Delivery Services
  • High-level Operational Efficiency

In response to the current challenging market scenario, Intellibuzz is at the forefront of this effort to put small to mid-size ICT providers in control by actively engaging with them to design and implement a Global Service Delivery model that help them excel in OPEX management.
Intellibuzz enables organizations to identify and address OPEX [Operational Expenditure] challenges and opportunities. Our strategic approach is designed to help ICT providers to focus on their customers and core business.

240px-Globe_of_letters.svgGiven our rich expertise in this domain, and through our evolved best practices, we have achieved high level of productivity in manual processing as well. Through our white-label [elastic experts-on-demand] service, Intellibuzz can fulfil most of the Telecom Expense Management needs of our partner for both fixed & mobile Telecom Auditing & Invoice Processing, without our partner having to worry about Human Resource, Project Management or other overheads. Intellibuzz employs propreitary Global Delivery Framework adapted to six-sigma guidelines and international transitioning methodology.

Global TEM Offerings Region / Country Supported Carrier Languages Supported
Inventory Management India, APAC, North America, EMEA, Europe More than 150 products, solutions, 140 countries and dialects
Invoice Processing
Audit & Dispute Management
Contract Management
Order Management
Business Intelligence / MIS / Bespoke Reporting

240px-Nuvola_apps_kworldclock.svgIntellibuzz provides support to all major carriers of India, North America, APAC region. For e.g – Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, Roger, Frontier, XO Communications, Airtel, Vodafone, TATA, Singtel and many more. We support more than 150 languages, 140 countries and dialects for Telecom Invoice Processing; We have tied up with semi-automatic and human-powered language translators for international languages. Our framework for operational efficiency enables you to streamline operations by transitioning service delivery and back office operations and by improving the customer experience. We have deep domain expertise in Inventory Building, Invoice data loading, and in various charge components, [NRC, MRC, Discounts, taxes, rentals and VAS, etc, the basic building blocks of an invoice including CSRs, USOCs, etc.] In terms of delivery platform we’re flexible as well – we are quite comfortable on major ICT Software platforms, or we can use spreadsheet as needed depending on the requirements.

Our framework for operational efficiency enables you to streamline operations by transitioning service delivery and back office operations and by improving the customer experience.

Business Benefits

COTWnewOur unique methodology and transition framework helps TEM service providers to realize the following business benefits that drive the organization toward achieving Operational Efficiency:

  • Offer more products and services, while reducing time-to-market
  • Move your key employees to more strategic functions, offering customer delight – Improve resource productivity by re-engineering processes, systems and ops model
  • Cost reduction by up to 35% or more, asset realization, improved customer experience and efficiency savings through a transition model that provides a consistent, unified and accurate view of business and operational data
  • Standard processes that allow the restructuring of legacy systems into clearly defined, coherent business and operational models
  • Capabilities to create robust enterprise architecture as well as enable the transition and removal of low end, repetitive manual activities
  • Reduce the E2E cycle time and improve Right First Time (RFT) for Digital Invoice Processing and other ICT Lifecycle Management processes

Value Proposition120px-Nuvola_filesystems_folder_html

Intellibuzz helps organizations to get a deeper cost reduction in their business processes and its impact on the operations improvements:

  • Improving operational and decision processes
  • Enhancing processes to optimize supply chain, sales, marketing, etc., apart from improving the ICT Management processes
  • Establishing a foundation for consistent metrics
  • Utilizing initiatives and goals that can be aligned to better performance
  • Building operational performance ICT Management processes
  • Building process scorecard & competency metrics for transitioning operations
  • Providing spend & performance visibility across the enterprise
  • Utilizing simulation and modeling to enable telecom & mobile operations improvement
  • Leveraging methodologies and tool framework for success
  • Applying methodologies that improve operational effectiveness (Lean, Six Sigma, FMEA, Transition Rigor, etc.)