Intellibuzz is a pioneer in Blockchain Development & Consultancy. We build highly sophisticated blockchain solutions that leave a deep, positive impact in the world. We have worked with top clients, including governments, startups & enterprises. We have dented our mark in the Blockchain niche.

Our ancestors said, “This is as good as written in stone.” Our grandchildren will say, “It is as good as written on the blockchain.”

– Andreas M. Antonopolulos, The Internet of Money

Development Service

Service Type Description
Smart Contract Dev (EOS, Ethereum, Neo, Tron, Stellar) Build smart-contracts on EOS, Ethereum, Neo, Tron, Stellar and more smart-contract enabled blockchain platforms. Avail our Smart Contract Development Services at a very cost-effective rate as a SaaS or custom dev.
Private/Public Blockchain Devp Full end-to-end deployment of private & public blockchain development services. Deploy more than 5 different kinds of blockchains. Learn more
Dapp Development Want to create a decentralized application? Look no further. We excel at building dApps on the Ethereum blockchain & other blockchains like ….(Steven).
STO Development STO (Security Token Offerings) is a new & widely accredited concept in the Blockchain space. It capitalizes where ICOs fail & takes it a level higher from there. Intellibuzz can help you develop customizable tokens & smart contracts on Ethereum/Stellar/Hyperledger & accelerate your STO Development solutions. 
Wallet Development Intellibuzz is a leading service provider for developing Secure Wallets for our clients. We provide a top-of-the-notch white-labeled wallet app development service for all kinds of blockchain companies & startup.
Blockchain Consulting Intellibuzz is a leading service provider to one of the world’s biggest crypto/blockchain companies. We have also worked with many startups wanting to foray into the blockchain sphere but have 0 to minimal experience. A team of technically-enabled developers & business enthusiasts, we have a strong background in the Blockchain technology. Book a free 30-min call with us for Blockchain consulting.  
DAG Development Directed Acyclic Graph is a directed graph data structure that uses a topological ordering. DAG is often applied to problems related to data processing, scheduling, finding the best route in navigation, and data compression. 
Blockchain Game Devp We have a team of talented young blockchain game developers that will create almost anything you ask them to. Reap the undeniable & infinite advantages of Blockchain to power your game. Enjoy a full gaming experience on the blockchain. We use XYZ platforms to bring your game to life on the Blockchain.
Liquidity Services With our arbitrage trading bots we can help bring the liquidity you need for your exchange/token.
Mining Support/Services Our in-house mining rigs can help you bring the hash-power you need to support your cryptocurrency.
Defi Decentralised Finance


Solution Type Description
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development(Centralized) Looking to build a crypto exchange? Why start from scratch? We have created a secure, fast & reliable cryptocurrency exchange software for you. Explore our fully white-labelled cryptocurrency exchange software to accelerate your exchange development.
Trading Software Trade cryptocurrencies on over 60+ exchanges. View technical indicators, track trading performance, open orders and more with our unified trading interface. Get prices for our best-selling trading software for cryptocurrencies now.
MLM Software A working MLM software prototype with a habit-forming loop that makes it the best in Multi-Level Marketing. With our Cryptocurrency MLM software, you can implement it our your site/app in a few simple steps with the help of our tech support team. Accepted currencies: BTC/ETH/ERC20 token.
ICO Website Devp Get crowdfunded by launching your own ICO website with our instant website development option. Get your ICO or blockchain/cryptocurrency project live in a few hours by using one of the finest landing pages that has a super-high conversion rate.
Arbitrage Software Earn more with this cryptocurrency arbitrage software that will automate profit maximization for traders when there is a huge price gap between exchanges.
A single-click feature that shows exactly how much you will earn following short or long arbitrage path.
Algo Trading Software Setup advanced orders on all exchanges whether or not they support the feature. These inlcude Stop loss, Take profits, Trailing Losses on all crypto exchanges including Binance, Bitmex, Bitfinex, etc.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development(Decentralized) Create your decentralized cryptocurrency exchange in a simple and fast method. Use our readymade cryptocurrency exchange software to get started and avail a free 3-month support program from our tech support team.

Proven Blockchain Experts

Intellibuzz enables decentralised technology evolution and adoption. Our team helps architect for applications including supply chain, auditing, financial applications custom private/public Blockchain solutions.

IMPLEMENT Across Industries

Intellibuzz helps your with a customised blockchain project implementation with use cases across industries like:

  • Banking & Finance (Fintech)
  • Education (Edtech)
  • Mutual Funds & Insurance
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Governance
  • Media
  • Shipping, Logistics & Transportation
  • Supply Chain
  • Internal enterprise application
  • Start-ups
  • Real estate and many more



Why choose Intellibuzz Blockchain Development?

A few reasons for you to choose us for your next Blockchain development project:

Our Expert Team


We have our own in-house team of world-class, experienced, blockchain development experts. And along with that, we provide a dedicated, seasoned support team during and post roll-out. These best-of-breed ninjas would elevate & accelerate the development cycle.

Full Stack


Full suite of Blockchain applications management including wallet, currency management, tokenisation, authentication, trust network and other custom use cases as per the specific requirement of your industry and company.

Agile & User-centric


We provide business support with POC (proof of concept) design and roll out, developer docs, sample applications, SDKs, and supporting docs. We are nimble, agile and work with the ever-changing dynamic environment that our clients are into.

Cost Savings

Our evolved methodology reduces development effort by 23% on average; our processes are tested to work for most development cycles with a rapid go-to-market approach for emerging companies, and sustainable savings of up to 33% for large enterprises over long term. Moreover, with there’s no middle man to eat up costs. Those savings are passed on to you.

Industry Expertise

We’re trusted by top brands like Finance Ministry of Kuwait, other major travel company, Banks and Financial Institutions for our best-of-breed tech deliveries. Our broad spectrum of exposure enables us to assess for emerging companies the capabilities of the product-market fit, and put the best tech stack for mid-market to Fortune 500 companies.

Contact our Blockchain Experts

Call us on +91-22-25100672 to discuss with our expert advisor the use cases for your industry and outdo the competition. Building Blockchain-powered applications is the best & most secure tech-investment decisions for your company. Contact us today to start discussions for a Proof of Concept around your idea or solution.

Our experts are ready to help you with any queries or far-sighted questions you have. For more info or to brainstorm, write to us with your details and we would love to talk to you.

Case Studies

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