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30th March 2023

09:30 – 18:30

Monday to Friday

402 Shopzone

Mumbai, India



ICT Inventory Management

Tracking fixed and mobile services and relating them to the organisation

ICT Invoice Processing

Monthly charge validation & cost code allocation for payment remittance.

Digital Audit

Detecting billing errors/contractual discrepancies for obtaining Telecom Refunds Recoveries

ICT Expense Optimization

Improving service-to-cost performance and right sizing fixed and mobile service capacity activities

ICT Procurement Management

Sourcing & procuring, evaluation of vendors for fixed, mobile, voice & data services for buying telecom the right way

ICT Service Order Management

Placing & tracking move, add, change and disconnect [MACD] telecom orders with service providers

MIS Reports & Analytics

Insightful, actionable & proactive MIS reports at regular interval.

Global Delivery Services

Putting Telecom Expense Management providers in control; Low cost, high quality offshore service delivery