smart-deviceMobiles have infiltrate the day-to-day process of every professional, revolutionizing the way in which professionals stay connected to one another, to their clients, and to enterprise data and applications.

Many organizations do not scrutinize & limit usage of wireless devices. As a result companies telecom expenses are raised dramatically & they paying more because of their inability to control wireless costs.


Following stats will be surprising to the companiesNuvola_devices_pda_black
•    Wireless costs have exceeded landline costs (Gartner)
•    More than 70% of mobile employees make their own buying decisions on their mobile phones / plans (Gartner)
•    50% of companies rely on their provider to tell them what they can offer.
•    Two thirds of companies pay for 100% of mobile bills (Gartner and Aberdeen)
•    One quarter of all calls made on business cell phones are non-business related – company is paying for personal calls, data transfers, etc. (Gartner)


Identify Needs – Collate inventory from electronic and paper invoices for study. Understand telecom infrastructure & utilization.

  • Policy Implementation & Action plan – Once there is a clear understanding of the kinds of phones, plans and usage patterns being used, Intellibuzz assists to define and deploy wireless policies to align organization’s mobile & wireless goals.
  • Draft and Implement a Procurement Strategy – Intellibuzz assists to negotiate & re-negotiate wireless contracts to attain the optimum level of spending.
  • Mobile Management – Intellibuzz has established support to make sure that the wireless gamut operates efficiently.
  • Assist your efforts to control wireless expenses
    •    Draft and implements official wireless policies
    •    Assigns clear ownership of the wireless budget
    •    Secures the support of executive top management
    •    Provides visibility into wireless device inventory and usage

Rate Plan Management

refreshManaging wireless services and devices are costlier than compared to wire line. Enterprises do not have visibility into what they are currently paying for wireless services. They do not have an accurate plan as per usage, and they are unprepared for the proliferation of smart phones.

Most enterprises adopt unlimited data plans who do not come close to consuming enough data. No provider will assist to know usage for unlimited plans. Manually managing the analysis of plans and migration to more appropriate plans for thousands of users can be a very outsized task.

Service providers changes plans, features and prices to be competitive, you may no longer have the best plans for your current business circumstances. As part of our Mobile Management services, Intellibuzz offers an optional Mobile Rate Plan Management service.

At audit level Intellibuzz do analysis of calling patterns to a comprehensive database of mobile and plans. Intellibuzz recommend plan which will be the best suitable for each employee, while considering the best synergistic fit for the company spending.


•    Optimum utilization of plans
•    No need to switch carriers
•    Effective management of individual with plans
•    Recommendations are reviewed, approved, and implemented
•    Reports readily identify your opportunities for savings

Market Floor Rate Plan Evaluation

Gain valuable insight into market floor rates for your landline, data or mobile services like

§    Voice and Data circuits
§    Analog and digital lines
§    ISDN BRIs and PRIs
§    Wired and Wireless (Cellular) devices
§    All types of usage
§    Any associated charges
§    Non recurring and recurring charges
§    Valid and non-valid surcharges/taxes.