Who is Elle?

Elle.bot is an AI-powered Robo-Adviser to help businesses to Boost revenue + Cut costs by up to 33% on a Conversational Commerce Platform.

Elle.bot further helps companies discover goal-matching products & connect them to the cherry-picked partners on her closed marketplace.

By fusing together the fields of enterprise philosophy, cognitive neuroscience, mathematics, transactional economics and logic, Elle works alongside businesses to propel their growth.

Elle.bot Product Video

Why Elle?

Automatically Centralise, Control & Cut Your Company’s Digital & ICT Cost

  • Automatically import your PDF invoice or billing data for processing
  • Extract hidden Billing Intelligence out of your invoice
  • Easily Organize global telecom & IT connections and assets
  • Efficiently track & optimize recurring spend
  • Negotiate favorable contracts, pay accurately and timely
  • Achieve Operational & Financial excellence
  • Enterprise-grade security and flexible deployment: SaaS or on-premise
  • Insightful MIS Reports, Actionable Dashboards & Savings Suggestions

Reduce recurring expenses on your landline, mobile, IT & internet,
every day

What is Elle?

A smart marketplace for consumers, resellers, carriers, wholesalers & integrators

With hundreds of registered wholesalers, channel partners and dealers of various telecom services, the consumers are sure to get the best deal in the shortest time. Easily compare rates from your mobile browser, get quotes from multiple service providers and track provisioning status on your mobile. Whether it is mobile or wireline, we got telecom covered for you.

Consumers also have the options to avail useful additional services like support, bandwidth monitoring, infrastructure setup, telecom auditing, and various other exciting can be bundles aligned to the telecom service you are buying.

  • Instant quote from multiple providers
  • Conduct quick feasibility report
  • Compare leased line, bandwidth providers
  • Negotiate on commercial terms
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on video-base

Where is Elle?

Buy Digital Products & ICT Solutions the right way!

We are here to help you identify the relevant data and voice product to procure it at lowest rates. We do this by having on this portal hundreds of carriers, resellers and channel partners to provide you the comparative rate plans. With a vast network connection and unbiased correct advisory, we help you achieve your business goals.

If you want to know and learn more on how to get the lowest digital ICT  rates, or if you are a ICT service provider looking to connect to your buyers, please feel free to visit our page at Elle.bot – currently Elle resides there.