Intellibuzz next generation of cybersecurity tools & services prevents attacks by monitoring online behavior — of intruders, customers, and everyone else. Intellibuzz provides a different kind of cybersecurity, one that no longer depends strictly on the IT department’s engagement in a desperate, never-ending arms race with intruders. Instead, your company would use cybersecurity as a way to better understand its business environment. It would defend itself by monitoring activity across all its online systems, studying not just the moves of hackers but the actions of legitimate customers as well.

Use Cybersecurity to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Check out an introductory video to cybersecurity. The security of barriers is based not just on keeping people out, but on watching people who come in.

Cloud Security

For many companies, keeping data in the cloud has become a fact of life. But some business leaders — even as they recognize the benefits of greater operational agility, lower cost, and adaptability that come with the cloud — continue to express concerns about its security.

Our Cyber Security Products, Consulting & Advisory protects and secures your business from a 360 degree perspective.