Intellibuzz Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Marketing

Intellibuzz AI Marketing employs an innovative marketing format, in which unexpected advertisements are placed in unusual locations to draw consumers’ attention and provide unique experiences to the public. Intellibuzz created media advertisements have more novelty and are more surprising for recipients than any other advertising media. By placing unexpected Intellibuzz designed advertisements in unusual locations on the web or in offline media, this type of advertisements successfully encourages their positive attitudes toward the advertisement.


Intellibuzz designed media advertisements & marketing

  • Provoke new social phenomenon
  • Increase purchase intentions and sales revenue

Evolved Methodology

Intellibuzz integrates advertisements into daily life and use creativity to add some fun to your target audience’s lives. By identifying the target, finding a common point between product features and the carrier, we use the happiness and value generated by such novelties to increase media recognition by the public. Intellibuzz media advertisements are usually placed at unexpected locations for targeted audiences. These advertisements are usually well- planned to surprise and excite the audience.

Intellibuzz media advertisements often employ unique media to convey messages, and different presentation designs are applied to incorporate novel and unpredictable factors in the visual display to stimulate the audiences’ interests in advertisement messages. An increasing number of ambient media advertisements have employed the approach of on-set interactive experiences to achieve promotion purposes. Our marketing effectively communicate advertisement messages through the optimal medium by integrating advertisement contents with novel designs and unique media.

Proven Scientific Process

In line with your business objectives, our Brand Strategists and Senior Marketing Experts analyze and categorize design techniques and media and then analyze the differences in the level of message comprehension among different types of advertisements. The AI tools are assisted by the analysts who have more than 20 years of industry experience each, with a combined of more than 200 years of wisdom to perfectly narrow down what clicks.

Marketing Architecture & Components

Intellibuzz proprietary design techniques refer to the message communication method of an advertisement. Intellibuzz advertisements provide product information that your company want to convey to targeted consumers: advertisements are presented creatively through our proprietary design techniques and texts to market your product.

Intellibuzz Media Categories

Message Comprehension

Consumers’ understanding and comprehension regarding advertisements in surroundings influence their attitude and intention as well as the subsequent purchase behaviors. Therefore, advertisement message comprehension plays a critical role in consumers’ purchase decision -making. Through message comprehension, consumers interpret stimulations from the environment and infer knowledge, meanings, and faith. Such inferences then interact with consumers’ existing knowledge to produce personal inferences and messages. The following factors influence message comprehension:

  1. Products, product formats, brands, and marketing methods: Relevant message attributes and benefits obtained by consumers from the product affect consumers’ perception of the product
  2. New product benefits, complexity, and perceived risks affect consumers’ perception regarding new products

Intellibuzz assesses the level of message comprehension from the perspectives of:

  • Advertisement slogan
  • Image descriptions
  • Main features of your product or service


Intellibuzz Design Techniques have produced the following results:

  1. Achieve emotional reaction of people toward the campaign message and advertisement by stimulation of the senses through the media
  2. Draw the public’s attention and awaken feelings through the design technique of hidden messages
  3. Interactions of media and design technique affect the message comprehension level of advertisement
  4. People echo with the positive effects generated in them when they came in contact with the information

Intellibuzz Media conveying the messages

  • Intellibuzz designed site media propagates content through language that elicits certain behaviors in people at the scene
  • Intellibuzz created reproducing media create new topics by altering images and communicating through the visual sense
  • Intellibuzz identified mechanical media create special effects by employing mechanical techniques and technology to overcome time and space limits as well as by stimulating multiple senses

Final Intellibuzz Outcome:

By combining  experiences with a series of measures for persuasion, Intellibuzz advertising and marketing will improve message comprehension and advertissement values and effectively influence the purchasing intentions of your target audience.