Even Before The First Hello

Elle.bot Smart Contact Center solution that drives financial and operational efficiency across the enterprise. Introducing Elle.bot Smart Contact Center Solution that drastically reduces the cost of Contact Center ops by up to 33% or more for applications like:

  • Inbound customer support
  • Outbound tele-sales, lead gen, marketing
  • Virtual Agents
Elle.bot Smart Contact Center solution provides all the building blocks needed to create a full-featured inbound or outbound call center. Some salient features of the solution:

  • Best-of-breed inbound capabilities:
    • Advanced multi-site intelligent routing
    • Dynamic Queue management with Queue View and multi- channel support.
  • Advanced Outbound capabilities:
    • Predictive progressive and selected dialing
    • Easy switchover to preview and manual dialing
    • Robust Lead Management with Advanced Exclusion for Call Compliance.
  • Compatible with existing or other partner technologies at the customer’s premise
    • Extensible via APIs to be integrated with CRMs (like Salesforce, etc
  • MIS, analytics
    • Standard reporting
    • Custom reporting


Aside from the standard contact center package, the intelligent, automated features work by connecting to your APIs.

Consider a 500 seater call center for an enterprise. Integrating our smart solution with your existing operations, you can bring down the call center seats to 400 or even less – a straight hard cash savings of more than 100 seats! This intuitive call automation is accomplished by creating smart virtual agents replacing human agents, depending on the use case, industry and specific application, you can achieve a straight cost reduction of up to 25% or more.