Intellibuzz is the leading provider of ICT, Digital products, telecom and mobility management solutions for any enterprise size, startups and government institutions. Intellibuzz products and services framework of recommendation is aligned to the twin-enterprise-goals of Cost Optimisation + Revenue Growth.

Intellibuzz Digital ICT solutions address the full digital assets & service life cycle based on the Intellibuzz’s Total ICT Management framework. We enable companies to better plan digital & telecommunications spend, source optimum contracts, ensure that they buy services against those contracts, monitor user and vendor compliance, provide digital bill audit and accuracy, and analyze overall spend for ongoing improvements.

Intellibuzz has partnered with curated vendors, service providers offering products that perfectly match your business needs. You can compare prices, evaluate service quality and support options for the vendors. Our customers have bought from us hundreds of thousands of inventories, marketing tools, line items, connectivity circuits & advisory hours on our recommendations and have never regretted. We have consistently boosted revenuesaved time, saved costs and met business goals for our customers. Some of our categories are as below. Stay tuned as we keep curating and adding goal-matching products for you.

  • Enterprise Advisory
    • Check out our flagship product in the menu.
  • Marketing
    • AI Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
  • IT, Cloud, Software & Custom Products
    • SaaS Multi-tenant Architecture
    • Cloud infra, advisory & deployments
  • Connectivity & Networking Solutions
    • Voice & Data
      • ISDN PRI/BRI/E1, Centrex, 1800 Toll-free, & more
      • Internet Leased Lines, P2P leased lines,
      • Data lines, broadband, MPLS, ISDN BRI & more
    • Network  Services
      • Network optimisation, data center, expense audit,
      • VoIP, SIP, & more
      • Network Monitoring & Management tool
  • Conferencing & Collaboration
    • Audio & Video Conferencing
    • Web Conferencing, Meeting tools
    • G Suite
  • Telecom/Mobility Expense Management
  • Automated Call Center Solutions
    • IVR, Call Flow Design
    • Voice Logger, Pseudo Recording

Before we recommend the suite and bouquets of digital products we have curated for your company, our experts inspect your digital, communications & marketing environment to finds opportunities that can save you money, improve your performance, increase your reliability, and help you implement best practices. Since 2000, customers have viewed over 2.6 million product recommendations and realized over $9 million in estimated cost reductions.

Intellibuzz works from the Revenue Impact + Cost Optimisation perspective – the twin pillars: Cut Costs + Grow Stronger