What kinds of businesses would benefit from Intellibuzz ICT expense management services?

Nuvola_apps_browserEvery business with ICT bills exceeding US$ 10000 [INR 7 lakhs] per month can benefit from Intellibuzz services—multi-nationals, retail chains, hospitals, call centers, manufacturing firms, governments, telecom carriers—because statistics show that on average 75% of large ICT bills are inaccurate and result in forfeited profits. The Intellibuzz process allows for all mid and large cap companies to take advantage of the expense shrinkage services.

What is the expected amount of cost reduction?

48px-Emblem-money.svgIntellibuzz’ use of proprietary databases and highly specialized review tactics exposes your entire ICT infrastructure and invoices to critical analysis. If there are more efficient ways to accomplish your communications goals, Intellibuzz will identify them and review them with you. Without benchmarking and optimization, average savings can be around 18% of expense under management, depending on the complexity of services, business size, usage patterns and so forth. With benchmarking and optimization, expense reductions can exceed 30% of existing ICT costs—that is the benefit of outsourcing to our experience and expertise.

How do clients pay for Intellibuzz’ services?

120px-Edit-redo-purple.svgAs the premier audit and expense management firm, it depends on which of the services you engage. You may have a look at the list of the services we offer and how they work together. We set our metrics by yours, and get paid accordingly. Part of our modules are even based on a success-fee model. Take advantage right now with risk-free, high ROI program.

What service types are usually covered under a ICT audit?

48px-Correct.svgIn short, all COCP service inventory types, viz., SaaS, networking, Software, WiFi, fixed wireline, voice, mobile and data. To list some of them: Cloud, Voice, Data, Video, Landline, toll-free, centrex, ISDN PRI, BRI, mobiles, Mobile SIM, Intl Roaming, data cards, leased lines, MPLS, P2P, data circuits, audio/video conferences, etc. the whole spectrum. [We do not cover asset inventories as of now, i.e. routers, firewalls, hardware, modems, etc]

Which all domestic ICT / international service providers & product categories are supported?

240px-Globe_of_letters.svgWe support and demystify for you 100+ different invoice templates and formats from a dozen major ICT & telecom service providers in India & around the world. We have a rich understanding of communication service provider’s billing engines and their invoice templates.

Globally we support more than 150 countries and 140+ dialects of carrier invoice formats and templates, along with thier taxation, charge components, etc.

What kind of people in an organization directly benefit from Intellibuzz services?

Nuvola_mimetypes_vcardFor enterprises, the Admin/ICT Managers, Telecom IT/System managers, procurement officers can unburden themselves of this non-core job, and relieve the error finding work to the experts, and improve their KRAs. CFOs and CEOs can enjoy the cost saving for their company, while CIO/CTO can rely on the unbiased advisory.

For international ICT Service providers, we directly put them in control through our Global Delivery Services.