How the Cloud & AWS Billing Errors Affect You

It turns out that Cloud Expense Management (CEM) isn’t as simple as you assumed–or at least not for some clients of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS billing mistakes are experienced by organizations everywhere for the cloud services they eat. Companies report fees in some instances two or three times greater than their ordinary prices! While we don’t understand precisely how many of these errors have influenced us–or what caused the problem in the first location–one thing is certain: cloud cost management experience has never been more essential under your belt.

The Value of a CEM Vendor

For many companies, AWS billing errors would never have been discovered without the help of Intellibuzz CEM Tools & Services. Now more than ever, you need an Intellibuz cloud specialist to monitor these systems and the fees they generate if you’re not already using one.

Beyond unforeseen situations like this, the value of Intellibuzz CEM provides will only continue to develop.

Cloud spend could triple in as little as five years – meaning organizations managing these costs alone will soon be overwhelmed by the data and complexity this technology promises to create.

-Hyoun Park, CEO and chief analyst of Amalgam Insights

Cloud Bill Shock

Moreover, most executives and business leaders do not understand the intricacy of today’s CEM. These AWS billing errors are simply the latest example of issues that are overlooked more often than you might think.

While the industry’s accounting procedures have traditionally been simple, the explosion of cloud goods and services–as well as the multitude of pricing and discount alternatives they offer –will overwhelm daily workflows and add more and more complexity to the future.

Considering that the majority of cloud error detection attempts are left to people, it is only a matter of time for most companies to make errors. However, the CEM provider offers tremendous assistance in avoiding these problems through dedicated teams of expense management auditors and professionals. After all, without their assistance, you are fundamentally trusting Amazon to handle its own invoices and bills for you.

In addition to eliminating this conflict of interest and the potential for a single point of failure, outside experience provides tangible business value by shifting the burden of cloud services from the shoulders of your strategic inner assets. Instead, cloud management and optimization experts will manage error prevention, identification and reconciliation duties so that your technology management teams can get back to the job that really matters.

Don’t Be Another AWS Billing Errors Example – Intellibuzz experts by your side

Intellibuzz Outsourced CEM supplier instruments provide a proactive leadership strategy through automated alerts, error detection and cost validation solutions to guarantee that AWS billing mistakes do not derail your bottom line. Plus, you’re not the only client of that partner–they understand what a good price and a good service usage looks like for your sector, organisation size, case use, etc. to optimize your spending and save cash in advance.

This incident highlights the value of a CEM expertise. Without CEM help, it can be impossible for you to:

  • manage cloud billing processes,
  • establish usage thresholds, and
  • ensure mistakes are caught and corrected as early as possible.

Control Your Cloud Costs Now

Are you sure your cloud services initiative has what it takes to prevent the headlines tomorrow? If not, we have the ideal tool to assist. Contact us today.