Human-emblem-money-blue-128By unifying sophisticated software and expert practice processes to manage the end-to-end workflow of TEM from procurement, maintaining an inventory, negotiations with carriers, managing invoices, cost allocation and frauds, bridging all the gaps that traditionally cause errors and inefficiencies. On average most companies save 15-25% on their bills alone just by using Intellibuzz to manage their fixed and mobile telecoms estate. It helps in

  • Eliminating unnecessary services
  • Validating contract rates
  • Reducing the expense of processing bills
  • Allowing managers unprecedented visibility into usage
  • Automating previously manual tasks
  • Reducing paperwork
  • Streamlining workflow

Executing ICT Expense Management process through efficient experts of ICT industry for dramatic savings on ICT expenditure.

  • Access focused ICT expertise
  • Eliminating ICT administrative burden
  • Allow resources to focus on core or high value activities
  • Flexible cross reporting about carriers & technologies
  • Intellibuzz has proven track record of saving money & optimising ICT
  • Accommodates procurement process
  • Inclusive visibility of invoice management process

Key BenefitsEmblem-money

  • Creating an accurate inventory of services & equipments
  • Finding eliminating billing & inventory errors and ensuring they don’t reoccur
  • Cutting invoice processing time
  • Dramatically reducing late payment charges
  • Improving dispute recovery
  • Obtaining credits in single billing cycle
  • Maximising saving through best in class procedures
  • Eliminating overpayments & service interruptions

This will help the enterprise to

  • Save time by instantly producing management reports to aid strategic decision making.
  • Cut costs by comparing current and historic data, examining individual lines for unnecessary or expensive call patterns.
  • Gain more financial control and accountability by providing cost centre and budget tracking tools.
  • Identify potential fraudulent use of your resources by notifying you of spikes in unusual activity.
  • Understand your communications estate in preparation for convergence.

Key Results

  • Save an average 10% – 30% on your annual ICT bill
  • Save on an average 5% – 10% on your annual digital expenses from errors, overcharging.
  • Reduce the time and expense of processing ICT bills