About the Clientjubilant

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited and its subsidiary operate Domino’s Pizza with exclusive rights for India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The company is India’s largest and fastest-growing food services company, with a network of 800+ Domino’s Pizza restaurants (as of 31 October 2014). The company is the market leader in the organized pizza market, with a 67% market share in India.

Business Challenges

  • The client wanted to reduce telecom expenses and improve the telecom invoicing process with scalability and reusability, vendor management and zero-touch telecom processes, and improved speed to market. Like most retail companies, this food chain lacks the resources, tools and experience to properly manage telecommunications expense. The following challenges needed to be immediately addressed.
  • Although the company had many employees and resources in its admin and telecom departments, the biggest challenge was the various pizza restaurants scattered across the country, with many disparate, untracked and unidentified telecom inventories for outbound, inbound and EDC.
  • The restaurants manager was sometimes responsible for procuring connections, managing them and paying the bills at the respective pizza restaurants.
  • The telecom invoices were received via different sources (CD, email, paper, portals, etc.), and the company also had different billing dates, making it even tougher for the central administrative unit to manage them on a cyclical monthly basis.
  • Billing errors accumulated on the accounts month after month because not enough time and expertise were available to detect the errors.
  • The company was paying thousands of dollars per month in late fees because the bills were being processed manually and in a decentralized system.
  • Opportunities to optimize billing were missed due to lack of telecom management experience and analytics tools.
  • The business intelligence that came from billing data was never distributed to restaurant managers, who could have monitored the expenses against a telecom budget for each store and for the organization as a whole.
  • The organization incurred costs that were anywhere from 22% to 27% higher than necessary.

Intellibuzz Solution

A series of initiatives were conceived based on our initial analysis. We started with the primary financial center and the capital location and with a single telecom service provider. A preliminary audit report was generated, which contained spending trends, an expense analysis, top-expense location reports, and various MIS reports that clearly identified the areas to address and stop the leakages. Intellibuzz started by optimizing the telecom spend by 19% for just those two regions for that single vendor. Besides leveraging best practices and industry frameworks (such as Six Sigma, FMEA, etc.) to build a roadmap, the analysts also helped deploy a new centralized database and developed a process at the client’s end for collecting all telecom invoices electronically (by registering for e-billing) and assigning all telecom invoices from across the restaurants to one email ID. Moreover, as a part of its managed services, the Intellibuzz team quickened the internal steps of downloading monthly invoices from the service provider’s portal and ensured smooth management of the telecom lifecycle.

Business Benefits

  • Hard cash savings of thousands of dollars every month by transitioning invoice management to Intellibuzz
  • Productivity benefits to the tune of 9 FTEs on telecom vendor management and invoice processing
  • Improved the cycle time (CT) by 39% per instance by reducing the manual workload of collecting and gathering invoices
  • Reduced the workload of client’s team by auditing and optimizing service inventories — outsourced to Intellibuzz at much cheaper rate, with a contingency-based pricing structure (gain share, value-based contracting)
  • Retired the number of redundant systems and helped to roll out a new database, leading to OPEX savings
  • Improved overall RFT by 18% in 2013 through process reengineering and process excellence initiatives by Intellibuzz
  • Team to measure and enhance changes
  • Overall RFT improvement of 18% in 2013 through process compliance, enhancement and measure changes