About the ClientHDFC-Ergo

HDFC Ergo is a joint venture between a very large banking group in India named HDFC and a European insurance group named Ergo. Ergo is represented in more than 30 countries, and 50,000 people work full-time for the group, serving 40 million customers. Its Indian counterpart, Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) is an Indian financial conglomerate based in Mumbai, India.

Business Challenges

The client has more than 100 locations and wanted to audit its telecom bills for refunds and recoveries, as well as process those invoices on a monthly basis. Although the company had huge ERP systems and other expensive business-management technology systems deployed for various functions, telecom was a pain point for the senior vice-president and the telecom managers.

  • The client did not have the right mix of human resources and tools to achieve total control over its telecom spending, and it wanted to check all telecom expenses for contractual compliance.
  • Billing errors were piling up on accounts month after month because not enough time and expertise were available to resolve the errors.
  • Telecom service agreements were not stored centrally and were scattered among the various offices and departments.
  • Client had one person in each of the 22 circles involved in insignificant and unproductive telecom management activities.

Intellibuzz Solution

  • Helped to create a standard process to have a single authority for nationwide order-management process (MACD)
  • Identified contractual and billing errors in fixed and wireless front via in-depth audit, and recovered the same by building systematic billing collaterals and regularly following up with service providers
  • Competitive offers from other service providers were sought to ensure that current service providers offered rates and services on par with market floor rate plans
  • Helped to set up a secure cloud repository for storing service contracts across the globe for quick reference

Business Benefits

  • Optimization of role of admin managers across 22 circles, who were relieved of daily low-end telecom duties averaging 5 to 6 working days per month
  • Recovered $10,000 by instantly detecting billing errors, as well as disputed $50,000 more and corrected recurring billing errors, thus saving thousands more dollars
  • All telecom contracts can now be accessed across the globe, saving time and providing accurate and current information for ordering and renewing services
  • Recurring cost reduction of up to 30% was achieved because of elimination of recurring billing errors and introduction of alternate service providers to get the cheapest tariff and rate plans for 1000+ Mobiles