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31st May 2023

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About Us

We are a team of  digital strategists committed to helping you seize value from your Information & Communications Technology environment. We do that by working alongside you to solve your Software, Cloud, Connectivity, Information & Communications Technology management problems.


  • A pioneer and the leader in ICT Expense Management space in South Asia, delivering tens of thousands of dollars of savings every day for enterprises
  • A pioneer and leader in developing amazing Blockchain products and delivering high-quality, accelerated dev tech services
  • Marquee clients and highly satisfied repeat customers in banking, insurance, marketing, construction, retail, and food industries, among others
  • Supporting more than hundred complex technology formats, utilising best-in-class global service delivery methodology, industry benchmarking and evolved best practices
  • In digital communications & ICT services for more than 18+ years, with 7000+ small businesses spread across 9 offices
  • Innovates, researches, invests and builds technologies, capabilities, processes, culture and software, such as Elle.bot
  • Won awards & accolades from Microsoft [Bizspark Startup Challenge 2013], EnY, NASSCOMM, 10000 Startup, Google, TechSparks, CIO Review
  • Covered in media magazines like YourStory, CIO Review, etc. & associated with CNBC Awaaz, Economic Times, etc.

quill-inkWith roots in Information & Communications Technology, the parent group company was founded in 2000, a Government-approved Private Exchange Digital Communications Service Provider, one of the pioneers in India as a DID operator. Intellibuzz group of companies, like Intellibuzz Telecom Network, Intellibuzz Telecom, Intellibuzz Communications and others were merged into its parent company privatized in the name of Intellibuzz Communications Private Ltd [ICPL]. Overall ICPL has served more than 7000 customers across Mumbai region itself, in commercial as well as residential areas. Over the years, Intellibuzz group of companies has amounted to US$ 9M of savings for our customers.

vectorIn 2012, Intellibuzz Digital & ICT was launched as a spinoff is dedicated to corporate ICT consultancy, Software & IT development, including Global Delivery Services for Infrastructure Management, with initial focus for this company to implement ICT expense management services for its parent company ICPL, its various small and mid-range customers and sister concerns. After successfully savings tens of thousands of dollars in refunds and optimizations for the aforesaid set of organizations, Intellibuzz forayed dedicatedly into Enterprise customers. In January 2012, Intellibuzz TEM Pvt. Ltd.a separate legal entity was formed to focus on driving financial and operational efficiency into small, medium and large companies’ digital environments. Intellibuzz though its best in class processes and advanced capabilities, helps reduce enterprise ICT expenditures while managing their digital landscape invoices, MACD orders, Wireless Mobility, refunds & recoveries, contracts and vendors to provide an overall ICT Lifecycle Management Solutions.

computer-screen-1The parent company continues to serve the tens of hundreds of customers in its role as a private digital service provider. Whereas, Intellibuzz TEM Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered and currently operating out of Mumbai & other offices as well as at onsite/client locations as required. Between our own offices and our partnerships, we service clients with locations throughout the world. Intellibuzz currently has partnered with many solution providers offers over 150+ product  categories, for domestic and MNC clients with pan-India geographical locations. Globally, we support more than 150 countries with 140 different technology offerings and dialects for ICT invoice audit, Blockchain development, DevOps and technology solutions.

location-pinIntellibuzz is headquartered in Mumbai, India, and the parent company also has several site offices in and around Mumbai. Intellibuzz alliances with organizations and institutions throughout the country and globally [like AOTMP, CTEMS, TEMIA] to provide a seamless ICT service. We also plan to open a service delivery center in Kuwait and a sales front end office in USA. Intellibuzz has also partnered with Microsoft, NASSCOM, IBM Global Entreprenuership Program, Zone Startups, CIIE IIM and other associations as part of our Research and Innovation Practice .

computer-networkWe use a composite of manual processes and powerful AI-based software for implementing and providing our services. Our team consisting of Senior Software Architects, DevOps, Blockchain experts & programmers work in close collaboration with our Research & Innovation group to develop in-house solutions and secured enterprise applications. Intellibuzz is also coming out soon with its own telecom web portal offering called Elle.bot, an intelligent automated solution for optimizing telecom expenses across the enterprise.

userIntellibuzz’s ICT Business analysts, Blockchain programmers, Auditors, Billing & Expense Analysts, Technology, MIS and administration, operations, and customer support staff total 18+ employees, in addition to more than 25 employees from our group company ICPL. Our team has best-of-breed people having experience with digital service providers, software agencies, and international ICT Expense Management providers.

Achievements of Intellibuzz GroupIntellibuzz CIO Award

  • Pioneers of private telephone exchanges [DID operators] in India – a government approved private digital voice & data communications service provider
  • Pioneers of Blockchain Consultancy & Development Solutions in India
  • Pioneers of Cloud Management, Digital Communications Expense Management & Consultancy
  • A strong 18+ year successful savings track record – in telecom field since the legacy era with 7000 customers
  • Expertise and in-depth domain knowledge right from laying cables to reducing costs to expert digital advisory for the client
  • Saved ICT & Digital costs organically starting at micro-level with business associations like EMA, BIMA [Association of Iron Merchant, Grain Merchants]
  • Launched innovative AI-powered product Elle.bot our own ICT Management automated digital management platform for enterprises.


Our leadership has the four ingredients necessary for a high-growth company: Guts, Heart, Smarts and Luck. Visit our team page to check out our other stars and our governance structure.

Pranay Sanghavi

Founder & Director for Strategy, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Channel & Partnerships
Email Pranay 1348175647_linkedin

Sumeet Mehta

Co-Founder & Director for Operations, Delivery, Customer Success & Head of Products

Steven Enamakel

VP – Blockchain, Products
Blockchain consultancy, development, product strategy, DevOps

Vikram Bansal

VP – AI, Tech
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software architecture